Benefits of Ball Training

Training with a stability ball has a number of benefits such as improved core strength and stabilization, better range of movement, improved posture and alignment, proprioreception and body awareness.

Having a strong core is foundational to developing muscle and improving cardiovascular finess. Muscles should be worked in unison. Exercises on a ball work more than one muscle group at a time. Adding an element of stabilization takes concerted effort, therefore burning more calories.

Because of body placement, working on the ball allows for greater range of movement. Sometimes gravity assists the movement, sometimes gravity is neutralized, and at other times gravity resists the movement, making it more difficult.

Using a ball will improve balance, coordination, posture and alignment. Bad posture is often caused by lifestyle, ways of working, sitting, standing, and leisure activities. Bad posture causes more stress to joints and muscles causing weakness and injury.

Exercising with a ball is fun as well as beneficial. It turbo-charges the intensity of conventional moves yielding serious results with less time put forward.


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