Body Composition Management and Control.

Last post I talked a lot about body composition and why I would rather focus on composition than actual weight.

So, how do I do that?

Well, it’s the same elementary answers that all innately know, eat well and exercise.  To expound on eating well, balance blood sugar by eating low to moderate glycemic index foods in small meals all throughout the day.   This is the key, in my opinion, to managing and controlling weight and composition.

In addition to a well balanced diet exercise will help shift the scale by helping to burn calories as well as strengthen system functions such as cardiovascular and respiratory systems.  By building muscle we shift body composition and burn un-needed fat storage, therefore having more muscle mass and less fat mass.  In actuality gaining weight on a scale because muscle weighs more than fat.

The change will come in inches lost and you’ll feel amazing.  Does this mean that we need 2 hours of crazy exercise a day?  No, not at all.  Try to find activity that you can be consistent with and do just that… be consistent.

Next week: Exercise for Life

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2 Responses to Body Composition Management and Control.

  1. You make a great point about muscle weighing more than fat. And it’s a message that lots of women need to understand. We can’t achieve the figures we want, without building some decent lean muscle. Thanks for your reminder to ignore the scale and pick up the measuring tape!

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