A New Start

There is so MUCH information out there on fitness and nutrition. How do I know what is good information and what is a bunch of hooey?

I even have a degree in Exercise Science and I’m still overwhelmed by the amount of information and have a hard time deciding what works and what doesn’t. I still keep coming back to simplicity. It is not that complicated to be healthy and I think we all inately know how and what we should be doing, but it’s so easily ignored. Through this blog, join me on my journey of getting back to the basics. It will take time and effort, but anything worth doing is worth doing RIGHT! There are so many looking for a magic pill, but the magic pill my friends is time and effort.

With a healthy diet along with a cardio and resistance training program we can live and enjoy being healthy. I’m not talking about craziness (5 hours at the gym) and 500 calorie diets, I’m talking about truly enjoying being healthy.

The path to optimal health (being free of disease) begins with:

  • knowledge of a healthy lifestyle
  • balanced eating habits
  • regular physical activity
  • stress management for internal balance
  • sleep for proper mind/body functioning


Next Post: Live your life as if your health depends on it….because it does

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